This kindness class is presented as a self-paced module designed for people to consider kindness through a unique lens, that being episodes from the classic TV show “The Twilight Zone.” There are three episodes and each is presented with an associated “theme.” The idea is to watch the episode and consider the theme, maybe even act on it. After some time with it, you are encouraged to read the “inspiration” message associated with that episode. Once you feel you’re about ready to move on to the next episode, read the “reflection” message for the one you’ve finished.

In short, the idea is to go: Episode/Theme –> Inspiration –> Reflection. And to do it three times.

Click Themes to be taken to links for descriptions of each of the three themes, Inspirations to get those messages, and Reflections for the wrap-ups.

This class was created by Seattle-based educator Andy Smallman and is part of Kind Living. It’s an archived version of a class he offered in “live time” online. If you are interested in learning more, you can reach Andy via email. He answers every email he receives as quickly as he can so don’t be shy about contacting him.

All the images used on this module were drawn specifically for each theme by artist Fish Astronaut.